Install Tapestry App on tablet or phone

It's designed to be easy to use for everyone in your family.

Start sharing your beautiful moments with people you love. It's safe, free and simple, even for those who haven't used Internet before.

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6 reasons to start using Tapestry

  • Stay in touch with those you love

    Tapestry helps the whole family to stay connected. It's the first social media platform designed to suit users of all ages.

  • Safe place for you and your family

    Tapestry is safe, secure and private. You see what your family shares without exposing your personal information to anyone.

  • Simple and beautiful design

    It makes Tapestry easy to use for everyone who wants to stay connected using the Tapestry platform.

  • Tapestry photo albums

    Your photos organized and stored in a safe place. You don't need to mess around with email attachments or worry that your collection can be lost.

  • It's available on your device

    You can download Tapestry for your tablet or mobile phone to use it wherever you are. You can also access it in your browser.

  • It's free

    Tapestry is free of any charges. We respect your privacy and won't send you any unwanted adverts.

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