• Only pay when you feel like it.
  • Only pay what you think is fair.
  • FREE if you think it should be.

Got questions? We're not surprised.

After all, not many companies trust their customers the way we do.

Are you saying I pay what I want?
That's right. You can use Tapestry for free as long as you like while you get your family set up and familiar with using it.
Once you've had a chance to experience what it's like to bring joy to the members of your family who are missing out, you decide what Tapestry is worth to you.
And even if you decide to pay nothing, you can keep on using Tapestry as long as you want ... we'll just remind you from time to time that we really do need your help in order to keep Tapestry running.
Why do you do things this way?
Tapestry's mission of addressing social isolation for older adults is something we take very seriously.
Unfortunately many of the most isolated seniors are also financially disadvantaged, so if we forced every user to pay then we would be excluding Tapestry from those people who need it most.
Fortunately it turns out that most of our users are also wonderful human beings, and if they're able to afford a few dollars a month to help keep Tapestry going they're honest enough to do so.
Why don't you sell ads instead?
Many of today's services seem free because they are "ad-supported". But we all know that doesn't mean they really are free.
Our customers are our users. If we sold ads, that would no longer be the case: customers would be advertisers and we'd be selling our users – you – to them.
We know that's how some of the biggest businesses in the world make their money, but we don't think it's right for a company founded on the principles of privacy and security for all its users, do you?
Why would I choose to pay?
Unfortunately there is a very real cost of building and delivering a service like Tapestry. The cost of running our servers, storage costs and the cost of maintaining our small but insanely dedicated team means that we need some way to cover our costs just to keep Tapestry running.
If you like using Tapestry and want to see us stay in business, or simply like the idea of playing a part in ensuring Tapestry gets delivered to everyone who needs it, then you can make yourself happy for the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month.
What should I choose to pay?
It costs us (on average) about $5 per month to deliver Tapestry to each of our active users, so the guidance we give for monthly subscription payments goes something like:
  • $1 shows you care (& every bit helps!)
  • $5 allows us to cover your costs
  • $10 provides for you and someone else
  • $20 pays for your whole family
Of course, if you love what we're doing and want to do even more to contribute to what we're doing then you're free to do so — we need all the support we can get!
What if I'm using Tapestry for business?
Tapestry is often deployed by operational businesses which manage communities of seniors, such as retirement villages and aged care homes.
Tapestry is great for these businesses as it not only helps them enrich the social lives of their residents, it also lets them use Tapestry as a tool to better manage communications with their communities.
If you're using Tapestry for business like this then we ask that you contact us for further information about pricing.

More questions? Just ask.