What is Tapestry?

Tapestry combines a very simple tablet application with a set of online services to help seniors stay connected to their families and the communities in which they live.

How does it work?

Glad you asked! There are several different dimensions to the Tapestry platform. At the heart of Tapestry is the ability to connect with family members who might use a range of today's technologies (e-mail, Facebook, etc), all with a single Tapestry account. With Tapestry you can, for example, receive Facebook photos shared by your children, without needing a Facebook account.

These capabilities are paired with our super user-friendly iPad or Android tablet app, designed for anyone who doesn't want to constantly keep up with changing technology. The Tapestry app adds a range of other features designed to keep you connected, including a beautiful photo gallery and a simplified messaging system which combines the power of email with a far simpler user interface.

What platforms does Tapestry run on?

Tapestry runs on pretty much any platform you can name. Our tablet app runs on the iPad, iPad Mini and any Android tablet running Android version 4.0 or above. Our phone apps run on the iPhone and Android phones. And if you've got a PC, Mac or pretty much any other computer you can access Tapestry via the Tapestry web site. So you've got no excuses for not getting yourself up and running with Tapestry!

That's all well and good, but what device do you recommend for seniors?

We find that most people unfamiliar with technology prefer using the iPad to any other device. It is reliable, with a very legible keyboard, easy-to-find home button, good accessibility features and excellent support from Apple. Often other family members or members of the community around them have an iPad too which helps with familiarization and support.

Having said that, the breadth of choice on the Android platform means that some of the tablet options can be very affordable, so we're supporting Android tablets in order to make Tapestry available to anyone no matter what their budget.

What size tablet do you recommend?

Our experience has been that for most seniors, the minimum acceptable tablet size is 10 inches, even if they don't have any issues with vision impairment. Some people are happy to squeak by with a smaller 7 inch tablet, but the experience on devices of this size is much closer to a phone than a tablet, which makes them considerably more difficult to use.

Do my family members need to buy a tablet?

No. They keep on using whatever they already use: laptop, mobile phone, PC, Mac, etc. Tapestry will let you communicate with anyone.

Do my family members have to do anything to use the service?

Family and friends need to register with us prior to sending emails to you via Tapestry.

Signing up is easy and takes about twenty seconds.

Why do my family members and friends need to register?

We strive very hard to make Tapestry totally safe and secure. By asking family and friends to register with us we get to prove they are human, and not a spambot, scambot or anything malicious. It's a simple step that takes less than 20 seconds. We feel that this small inconvenience is well worthwhile if it means helping to keep our users safe.

Can I take a Tapestry tablet with me to show my friends?

Absolutely. Tapestry tablets are easy to carry around and will still show your photos even if you're away from home. We want you to be able to show it off!

How do I get Tapestry?

Signing up is easy and takes about twenty seconds.

To install on your iPad or iPhone, simply install it via the Apple App Store.

To install on your Android phone or tablet, Tapestry can be installed from the Google Play Store.


Can I access more than just Tapestry on my tablet?

Absolutely. The Tapestry app provides a simplified interface for you to make everything easy, but it doesn't prevent you from accessing the full features of the iPad or Android operating system if you wish to. It's the best of both worlds: safety and simplicity along with flexibility and power when you need it.

Can I print email and photos?

At present printing photos from the tablet is not supported. If you'd like us to include this feature in the next version of Tapestry, please vote for it at our Support site.

What languages are supported?

At the moment the only supported language is English.

Can I help translate?

Absolutely! Tapestry is evaluating which languages we support next, and a big factor in this decision is the availability of good translating resources. If you'd be interested in helping us translate Tapestry into another language please contact us to let us know how you'd like to help.

What type of internet connection do I need?

You will need a wireless internet connection or a mobile 3G connection. If you’re not sure what this means, contact us and we can help. If you’re staying in a retirement village, ask your operations manager whether they have wireless internet – many of them provide this for free.

What if I already have an email address?

Tapestry plays nicely with existing email addresses for both family members and senior users. Notifications of new photos and messages will be sent to your existing email address, but you can use the Tapestry Messaging app to communicate with your family and friends simply, safely and securely.

What operating system do you support?

Tapestry for iPad and iPhone supports iOS version 6 and later.

Tapestry for Android supports Android versions 40 and later.

Tapestry for the web runs in all modern browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer (version 8 or above).

Pricing, Billing & Subscriptions

How much does Tapestry cost?

The basic version of Tapestry is free, no matter how many people in your family or community, or how many photos or messages you want to view or share. Invite as many people as you like. Share as many photos as you like. And do it all for free, without worrying about advertising or sacrificing your privacy, security or safety.

Our basic plan will let you share and view unlimited photos but it won't store them for you indefinitely. If you want to keep all your photos and messages safely stored and backed up with Tapestry then you'll need to pay our very low monthly fee. Similarly if you want to access some of Tapestry's more advanced features related to remote care or community management, then our paid plans are probably for you.

Please check out our Pricing page for all pricing details.

Why isn't Tapestry free like Facebook?

Companies that provide stuff for free do so because they make money from you in other ways, such as selling your information to advertisers. Not Tapestry.

Tapestry's tiny monthly fee keeps Tapestry ad-free, with the peace of mind of knowing your private information stays private.

How will you bill me?

Tapestry subscriptions are billed monthly. You can pay with your credit card online.

Security & Privacy

How do you help keep me safe and secure?

Tapestry will not deliver photos or messages to you unless the sender has already registered them with us and proved that they are human. Even then you need to allow them to communicate with you ... and the Tapestry system makes it very easy for you to manage who you know. We also do a bunch of things behind the scenes to ensure that you are never exposed to anyone you don't know.

Do I need to worry about software updates?

Both iOS and Android let you configure Tapestry to update automatically, so you never need to worry about software updates.

Getting Help

Where can I find help?

All Tapestry users have access to Tapestry Support, the place to go for all help, documentation, answers to technical questions and community support. We'll try our best to answer any question you have!

How do I report a bug?

All Tapestry users can report bugs and other defects via Tapestry Support.

How do I submit feedback?

All Tapestry users can submit feedback via Tapestry Support.